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January 1986

A Paris based Surrealist publication. Illustration ‘Torture By Kite’ later made into a box piece in 2001 at the suggestion of my late friend Anthony Earnshaw.

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February 1986

Our Phantoms are our ancestors, our pre 1924 Surrealism Surrealists. They number, amongst them, BLAKE, WATERTON, CARROLL, BENTHAM and LEAR.

Our looking glasses are those small homemade museums unaffected by proud progress the pest. Underline, Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum, Potters Museum and the Charles Waterton Room within the Wakefield Museum as special places to visit before they are wrecked. We can look up to the likes of Penrose, Agar and Maddox as early post 1924 Surrealist and doff our caps to them. We can point with admiration to Earnshaw and Hughes who held our contributing banner in the lean years. All now within England who are working within the broadening realms of surrealist imagery would probably agree that we no longer need to employ shock tactics, nor would they be received as such

The English audience ha developed via a strong surrealist influence of English satire from the 60s to the present day i.e. Monty Python, Do Not Adjust Your Set, Not the Nine O’clock News and the Young Ones. The likes of Glen Baxter and Simon Bond

 (101 Uses for a Dead Cat) would not have had any appreciation or much of a following ten or fifteen years ago.


The Brooklyn Art Library  – August 2020

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