Self Portrait


Magnet Series

The Magnet’ series of collages, was created in 1992, in response to the big Monet exhibition that was being held in London at that time, two colleagues and I, were
offered a local exhibition with the caveat that some of our work had a Monet theme – talk about jumping through hoops. My Monet contribution consisted of five collages created by combining the imagery of Rene Magritte with that of Claude Monet, hence the title MAGNETS.

She Ponders


This collage was created by combining the imagery of Magritte and Matisse.

Knife, Fork and Spoon


Artists collection

Painted on a wooden tray, so realistically that the spoon was exhibited on the floor below the hung painting.

My Catapult And I


Artists collection

This pastel self-portrait was created by adapting a South Square Exhibition Card featuring a box titled ‘A Little Eye-Opener’. Anthony Earnshaw and Chris Vine also had their own individual exhibition cards (Apparently a funding ploy).

November 21 – Self Portrait


Artists collection

I was invited to produce an illustration for a Day Book. Each artist was requested to create an image based on their birthday, hence the date title. I am sure the publisher would have preferred Rene Magritte instead of me, but he had passed on by then. However, my illustration does pay homage to this great man via the inclusion of some of his imagery and themes. The resulting show of these illustrations toured Great Britain, but unfortunately, the book was never published due to the prohibitive costs.